Frequently Asked Questions


Can I book for studio photo shoot session?

At this point in time and in any close foreseeable future, Fancy Photography has no plans to move back to studio portraiture and our photo-shoots are exclusively carried out outdoors. We believe in the uniqueness of every photo taken out in the city or nature, due to unforeseen circumstances that is an inevitable part of every outdoor shooting. We accept the extra effort and are committed to leaving you with results, you are 100% happy with.

What if I don’t like the photos?

If you are not happy with the results for any reason we will happily arrange another session for you. The deposit however, is not refundable.

Am I responsible for my outfit and makeup?

Yes you will be responsible for the makeup and bringing your outfit but we can arrange for a wardrobe service at your own cost if you ask for, at least one week in advance. In any case we certainly do provide some general guidance for the appearance we believe might work best for your session.

Can I choose my preferred shooting locations?

Definitely yes. We will always provide you with a number of locations to choose from and be open for you to add the one/s of your choice. Your locations however, will have to be within 50KM from the Gold Coast CBD otherwise an extra cost might apply.

Are there any number of printed photos included in my chosen packages?

Depending on the package you choose, you will get a number of high-res and printable digital image files on a disk or over a cloud storage service of your choice if possible e.g Google Drive, Dropbox or as a downloadable link from our website. None of our packages come with printed photos included in their price but we can offer you prints on photo papers or canvases on your request on your own cost

Am I responsible for my own transport to and from the shooting locations?

As a general rule yes it will be your responsibility but we are normally able to pick you up from a CBD location if you are a single person and drop you off in the same place for no extra cost. Please also feel free to ask in case we might have two seats available.

Do my photos get published, publicly displayed e.g. on the website or shared through social media?

Your images will not be commercially used in any way, unless you have permitted us to do so by signing the model release form. The images of your sitting may however, be used for industry competitions and as required subsequent usage and for reasonable general promotional advertising for the Studio as per our portrait agreement from. Having mentioned that, we do respect your privacy concerns and will waive any publications through our website and/or social media in the case of receiving a written or emailed request from you for doing so.

What if the weather condition gets tricky on the shooting day?

In the case of weather condition turning out to be not very friendly on the date of your booking and you not feeling very comfortable as a result, we will happily reschedule your session with no extra cost. Your deposit however, will not be refundable in case of changing your mind but will be transferable to another person. Under harsh weather conditions e.g. heavy rain we reserve the right to postpone your session in the suspicion that potential technical difficulties may be introduced, even though you might not have particular problem regarding the situation. We are however happy to explore the unique opportunities brought about by a moderate rain with you, only if you are willing to participate.

Can I transfer my booking/deposit to a friend?

Absolutely yes as long as the request is sent in time and dose not interfere with timely progress of the booked session.

Can I split and share a package with a partner or friends?

Yes, you are allowed to share your booked package with one or more person at the extra cost of $20.

Can I have more people stepping into my photos?

Packages are designed and priced for one person shots only, but if you like a partner or friend to step into a couple of your photos, it attracts an extra cost of $30 per person.

Can I ask for a customized package?

Of course you can. Just choose a package as the best match for your preferences and send us a quote request including your required modifications, using our Contact Form.

Can I have a partner or friend accompanying me during my shooting?

Yes, we do encourage you to have up to two companions during the shooting only if it helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed. At the end of the day your comfort is the goal and will contribute enormously to the best possible outcome.

Will I have a male or female photographer?

Your photographers will be a couple along with mostly female assistants if the session requires any.

How long dose a typical shooting session take to complete?

This is highly dependent on the nature of shooting and the number of photos/covered locations. A rough estimate of 4 hours is a good number to have in mind before booking though.

Still unable to find answers to your questions or have any other enquiries? not a problem, please use the Contact Form to submit your enquiry. All online submissions are answered within 24 hours.